What are Snappy Campers’ mats?

matts-055-retSnappy Campers’ mats aren’t just for camping, they’re for a whole lot more…

Camping and caravanning
Our mats are brilliant for caravanning, motor homes and tents. Easily transportable and lightweight, you can throw them in the back of the ute or the car on every camping trip. Because they’re waterproof and UV treated they’re ideal for whatever the Aussie weather throws at you. You can turn any outdoor space into your own patio!

Out on the patio or on the garage floor
Your Snappy Campers’ mat will protect surfaces from dust, mud and all those other things that suddenly appear. They’re also non-slip for extra safety.

On the beach or in the park
Having a picnic, sun baking or just relaxing, a Snappy Campers’ mat is great for both day and night time outdoor activities.  They’ve got corner loops too so that you can pin them down.

For your beloved pets
Ideal for pet areas, inside and out, your pet will love a Snappy Campers’ mat as much as you will.

Our high quality mats are:
• Made from 100% woven polypropylene to make them last and last, although they look very natural
• UV treated and waterproof – protection from the sun and the rain in the Aussie climate is a must
• Non slip and have corner loops – you can pin them down on grass or sand
• Easy to clean – just hose them down and shake them off and they look as good as new
• Contain a unique anti-crisping agent so they stay looking great for years
• Lightweight – get the kids to carry them
• Available in 2 sizes and 5 colourways to suit every taste